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Welcome to our humble dev blog. I'm Helrouis, the front guy of InnoMen Productions and your host for the party. We are simply a team of seven individuals with varying specialties. We have always been surging through reality for about 5 years by making our ideas and dreams come to life.

If there's anything important that you have to know, it's that we love both eastern and western gaming culture, so expect that our creations will almost always be a mix of the two. We respect everyone's tastes so I hope we would get the same treatment from you. :)

InnoMen Productions
We have one game finished so far, it's Operation SD: Space Defense. It took a year to develop, and we're pretty happy with our work. Right now, we're working on two projects which are Sakralotus and Re.Verb. There are plenty of ideas in the fridge, and we want to work on and finish all of them. While we do ask for donations and funding, regardless if we received help or not, we'll use all the support we can get to finish our projects faster. You can check all the details at our contributions/donations page.

We used to use FRB/XNA, although recently we've switched to Unity for Re.Verb and Sakralotus. If you want to have a sneak peek at how we're doing, simply subscribe to our blog and we'll email you whenever we have a downloadable WIP version of our games. :)

Staff members:

  • Colin Tremingway - Audio Production
  • Kemeo - Programming
  • Helrouis - Art
  • GTD-Carthage - Art
  • Jezer0 - GUI/Animation
  • Toffee - Writing/Editing
  • tcwoua - Art/QA

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